Saturday, September 5

Lancaster Fair and BIG changes!

The family piled into the van this morning and headed north to Lancaster, NH. It is fair weekend here in New Hampshire.. two large ones, one north and one south. We choose to go north as it usually means fewer crowds and that makes it much easier to keep track of three kids. We were right on the money and it was gorgeous! 70 degrees, cool breeze, lots of animals, rides, games and of course, fair food! The only thing that was lacking was my camera battery as it died about 5 photos into the day. Aahhh well.. sometimes it's better to see the world through my own eyes not just the lens of my camera. I did manage to get a few for you though..

Above is the view looking over the fairgrounds.. it is much better in person instead of through a windshield at 40 miles an hour.

Sitting in the passenger's seat...
I adore anything old, antique or vintage and these tools were screaming out to me.. "take our picture too!"

And this sweet fellow popped right through his fence to get his photo taken.. you just never realize how many stars there are out there until you start carrying a large camera around with you..
And that was it.. pop fizzle.. no more photos.. if you want to see pics from the Sandwich Fair last year you can see the animals HERE and the sites HERE.
Oh, I almost forgot! I have a big surprise/move/update coming soon!! It's a surprise that I have been working on for soooo long! You'll just have to wait and see! :)


Lorilee said...

Hi Abbie,
Sounds like fun, especially the 70 degrees. We have 90's in the daytime here! I get so annoyed when my camera battery dies!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog on twitter, via the Vintage Moth... love both your blogs!


Anke said...

Hi Abbie, great to hear you had a wonderful fun time! Love your photos! And ahhh you are torturing us.....not letting us know what the surprise is.....I can't wait!!!!!! ;) Big smiles your way, Anke ;)

amanda said...

Yay!!! I LOVE surprises!!! I am sure it is absolutely amazing, as is everything that comes from you!!!

Thank you so much for all your kind words and well wishes these past couple of weeks! It means more than you know!

Much love,

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