Monday, March 20

Wrinkles in time..

Hit thirty and everything went to hell in a handbag. (no reference to the last entry) WRINKLES! Arrhhhagghh! There are wrinkles everywhere! They sneak in, a small almost invisible line and WHHALLLOOPP! CRACK!! a large fissure has taken its place overnight. Actually, I am fairly wrinkle free if I remain completely expressionless. No more smiling. Or frowning. Looks of confusion. No more glaring at my son.

The preservation has begun. At what age is it OK to have wrinkles? 50? 40? Did those few years of sneaking cigarettes from my mothers purse (no reference to the last post) hurt my skin so badly? How about sun tanning? Do I need to be pale and washed out for an eternity? Or is orange better from the fake tanners? I truly look best with some sun my face. I think most people do. A natural glow. Provided by mother nature herself.

Does mother nature really hurt us so badly that we have to use four different products to cover our skin from her? What about fresh air? Vitamin D? Screw the skin cancer. Screw Wrinkles. If I have a few maybe they will be unnoticed on my bare, tan face! HA!

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