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A big jump to Yalta..

Yes, this is the camel.
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Now, we travel to Yalta (in the Ukraine), on the Black Sea. I traveled here with my eighth grade class. Whoa. That was a long time ago. Then, Yalta was part of the Soviet Union and had not become a it's own entity.I can remember it was the first time I got to pet a camel. There was one on the boardwalk near the sea. There were palm trees too. It was absolutely gorgeous and a far fetch from Moscow(where my class had been to last). The water was blue. Not black. (when your 13, that is something you notice)

Yalta Intourist Hotel from the Black Sea side
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I plan on staying at the Yalta Intourist Hotel Complex again. It was the neatest, most outdated convention center I have ever had the pleasure to stay at! The images of it give you the false impression of luxury. The furniture and light fixtures are the same that were there in 1989 and even then, they seemed out of style and ridiculous. (If I looked hard enough I could find my trip pics to prove it!) If memory serves me right, we slept with the lights on, because, otherwise, the cockroaches would have carried us away! This is also the first (and only) time I had Tongue to eat. YEAACCGGHH.. NOT good. In fact, I had a hard time adjusting to the food on that entire trip. Even the potatoes didn't taste good.

I think it was the best they had and when you travel to the other side of the world, you take what you get! As children of American military personel traveling through communist USSR, (before the wall fell) it was a culture shock and a life changing trip for all of us. I will never forget it. I think it would be most facinating to return and see democracy trying to turn its wheels.

"Yalta is situated on a shallow bay facing south towards the Black Sea, on the site of an ancient Greek colony. It is said that Yalta was found by some Greek sailors many years ago who were looking for a safe shore to land on. Yalta is surrounded by many beautiful woody mountains. It enjoys a spectacular Mediterranean climate with many vineyards and orchards in its vicinity.

Yalta is a dramatically handsome resort on the southern tip of Crimea. It will always be a favored destination with its mild climate, lush green landscape and rugged beaches. Yalta attracts many tourists every year.

When going to Yalta you will learn a nice small legend of how the name Yalta emerged. You should be aware that there are two Yaltas, the Greater Yalta and Yalta City. Yalta City is Yalta itself, but Greater Yalta is several small towns which are situated between the Bear Mountain and the Cat Mountain.

There are many activities in Yalta, especially in the summer months. There are many restaurants, cafes, bars and night clubs that will be able to feed and entertain you for a few good hours.

The main promenade is always full of people walking back and forth listening and strolling through the works of the artists, singers and performers. There are many stalls selling souvenirs and all sorts of art works from clothing to beadworks to handmade jewelry. Yalta has a big hall, a theatre and cinema to entertain those who prefer staying indoors.

Yalta’s average prices are close to Western Standards and many shops, restaurants and hotels accept credit cards, however Yalta has an abundance of ATM machines. The people of Yalta incredibly hospitable and very proud of their city and they are usually excited to share it with you. "

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