Monday, May 1

My first stop..

My first stop on my tour of Europe will be Memmingen, a small town of Bavaria, Germany. The town has a facinating history and is a treasure to see. The town's market place is the weekly site of fresh produce, baked goods and the best Bratwurst you can find. ( With spicy mustard and a crusty roll, of course) and Fries! (with curry ketchup!!) Yuummmmm. I have decided to stay at the Hotel Falken right near the downtown market place.

For a visual tour of the town click here. The site is in German, but just click on the images and they will give you a 'moving picture' image to see the Market Place, the River Iller and several of the old gates.

Here is a story about the town and its struggle to survive. When the town was under siege by the Swedes in the 17th century they had their garison of walls and towers to protect them. Through their town also runs the River Iller, so fresh water was pentiful and they brought in the livestock to provide them with food. The town's people could outlast any who tried to overtake them. Under one such attack, their food supplies were dwindling and they had eaten all of the sheep and their reserves. close to giving up, they tried one last trick in hopes that the invaders would give up and pass on. The town's folk had their children walk the tops of the city's walls covered in the sheep skins. The Swede's thought that the town was well stocked with food supplies and gave up. It was a clever and town-saving move!

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