Friday, May 5

Illustration Friday: FAT

click for 'fatter' view

I have not been crazy about the topics for the past few weeks. I am really not an "Under the Sea" kinda person and "Fat" just doesn't appeal either. How do you transfer such an emotionally flammable stigma into art? I suppose that is the ultimate challenge. To be able to take something that evokes feelings of sympathy, hardship, shame, empathy and transfer that to paper. (or computer) Could go in the direction of "Phat". but there again, you dive into the social mish mash of slang.

I decided to play with a digital image of the word 'FAT' not being able to fit in it's allotted space. the word is singled out. glared at. Perhaps it feels shame, and reptile like. but if you really look at it. It's beautiful. glowing actually. Glam at its best. I am making no references to people, just to the basic definition of the word. I, myself, am probably too skinny. My whole life I have tried to be thoughtful of others, knowing full well, that some have no control over their bodies, the exact same way I have no control over my own. I would love some extra curves in the right places. But all to no avail. I, instead of being voluptuous, sag.


Jim said...

Nice job! I agree that 'FAT' is a tough subject to illustrate. I have yet to come up with something. I am leaning toward doing a cartoony type exaggeration of one of our cats.

Large Art said...

That is fantastic!

melanienyc said...

i think there are a number of ways to illustrate 'fat', but none of them could possible capture all of the emotions that go along with the word. i think you brought up a good point. anyway nice illo--i'm sorry i missed it the first time around! :)