Wednesday, May 3

Lonely Wife..

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I got my hands on, and purchased a Life Magazine from December 21st, 1942. World War II. It is very neat. I was thinking that I would love to use the authentic images, text and graphics in some of my collages. The issue is titled 'Lonely Wife' (all the men were at war). It gives advice on keeping busy, how to beware of 'friendly' men, and how to entertain groups of other lonely women. Here is a scan of one article..

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The men in the photos at the bottom are portraying the 'wolf'. The predator who looks to take advantage of the 'lonely wife' while her man is away.


andrea said...

Oh my god, this is hysterical! I always wanted to get a reprint of that poster with the woman's strong muscles and it says "We can do it"...meaning work in the factories while the men are at war. Such a facinating time back then...
Loved this!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Have you cut it up yet? I would be interested in how you glued it etc; I had a Mag I worked out of last week; 1939; and ruined every page I worked on; so I put it away. In it was an ad about a "Good Luck" pattern of china that had all these symbols of "good luck", clovers, horseshoes... I think it said that it had 10 symbols in it. In the middle was a big ol' swastika! Pretty creepy. It was out a company in Chicago; but I did not find much on it when I researched it on line. Never know what you are going to find in those old mags.

Abbie said...

This one is full of alcohol advertisements. I think they must have been promoting drinking to help deal with the loss from the war. Every third page (seriously) has an ad for liquor. and al of the companies were feeding on the war effort and how they helped it so much, and that's why you needed to buy their product. It really is interesting.