Thursday, June 15

Weekly Artist Highlight: Gnarls Barkley

You can order Gnarls Barley's CD single 'Crazy' here. You MUST absolutely check out his webite, It is a trip all in its own right. The video can be viewed in the footer of my blog. It should be checked out also. The ink-blot thing is great to watch!

They also did a remake of 'Gone Daddy Gone' by the Violent Femmes. I am huge fan of the Femmes too.

You can check more of their songs at their MySpace page.
Let me know what you think..
:) Abbie


andrea said...

Ok that freaked me out. All of a sudden the music just started playing when I popped on your page, lol!! Sounds good to me!

Tammy said...

This isn't my "typical" kind of music... but I LOVE this song! Have you heard the rest of the album? I'm curious if the rest is as good!!

Mimmsical Creations

Nicole/Tickled Pink said...

Thanks for your kind comments, but it is you who has so much talent. What amazing gifts you've been given, and it is beautiful to see you use them and share them with the world.

Blessings, Nicole/Tickled Pink

PS - I LOVE the Gnarls Barkley groove you have playing. I first heard him a few weeks ago on MTV and was stopped in my tracks. His talent seems like the real deal.

Nicole/Tickled Pink said...

Gah! Thank you for the kind comments on my blog.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

this song is great. my daughter and I watch the video on 'on demand' all the time. as great as the song is; it is even more astounding with the video which features a flowing rorshack image

phlegmfatale said...

Gone Daddy Gone is my favorite VF song. My sister's been raving about Gnarls... I'll check him out.