Tuesday, July 11

Mama Says Om: Whimsy

Whimsy. Whimsical. My 7 year old playing with his cousins pink, glitter, cheer-playing, music generating, pom poms. NOW THAT is whimsy. I don't think he's had such fun in a long time. They actually took turns. Granted, she spun and twirled and he jammed and head banged, but they shared. Pink sparkly pom poms. Now I know what to get him for Christmas.

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Tickled Pink/Nicole said...

Pink sparkly pom pons! I'm jealous!

Wonderfully whimsical photo creation!

Left-handed Trees... said...

Both the movement and the stroke of pink here really do make this image very compelling! Nothing wrong with a cheering boy...good for him. (When you say he was a head-banging cheerleader, I immediately think of Nirvana's first video...ha)

Waya said...

That's a great picture! It's great seeing your children having so much fun, it just takes your breath away, doesn't it?!

Abbie said...

He was very serious when jammin' with the poms. Thanks ladies!
:) Abbie

jamie said...

I LOVE this picture. You did an awesome job with it. I love how there is so much movement in the pom poms, but he's so still. Great image.

Anke said...

That sure sounds like fun! Great picture.

Caron said...

Z is such a free spirit! I wonder, though, what his father would think of him playing with pink pom poms! It's nice when we see our kids having minds of their own and not bound by stereotypes.

Take care,

Mandy said...

Cool Crazy Frog shirt! I have the cd. I have some pink pom poms too. And a pink megaphone. That's a really cool picture. Violet (my daughter, age 7)

Love the photo. Very creative!