Tuesday, July 11

Studio Friday: & 7 Layers..

This week's topic for Friday July 7th suggested by linda: SF PLAYTIME "7 layer salad".

"... using 7 layers to produce a piece of art. Have you done anything using only circles or only triangles (squares etc.) I loved the challenge of creating with the brush in our teeth! Maybe creating only using pieces of Matt board for the impliment to apply paint! I do that with my students at school and they produce some really interesting things."

Here is my submission. I had lots fun and actually did at least 7 layers, but incorporated the number three all over the place. I think there are 7 places I used three. Can you find them all?

To see more 7 layer pieces click here.


Anke said...

This is beautiful! Are those real flowers? I think I found the three time threes.

Abbie said...

They are real.. I collect and press them in the summer. It is fun to work with real foliage during the winter around here.

Kiri said...

very nice

AscenderRisesAbove said...