Monday, August 28

Blogged down.. Uh.. I mean bogged down..

Things have been crazy! I am trying to get so many different eggs all lined up. I am having a great time posting items to Etsy and things are starting to move alittle bit. I have to work on compiling numerous sets of my greeting cards for the local stores. Ugghh. Holidays are coming and have to work on those ideas.

But on the brighter side.. I recieved this fabulous 1882 scrapbook from my mother inlaw. It has hundreds of circa 1880-1900 calling cards, greetings, valentines, advertisements. It has to be the most fabulous collection of vintage paper I've laid my hands on!! I am in the process of compiling Vintage Image Sheets for collage or scrapbooking to sell. Its a lot of work to scan everything in high res and edit.. yada yada yada.

Its all good though. Hope all is well in Bloggerville.
:) Abbie


Caron said...

Hey girl!

We still on for Sunday? If so, how does Panera sound? It'll be lots less expensive.

Cool on the big old scrapbook.

Anke said...

Hey Abbie, know what you mean. But how great is that from your Mother in law! Have fun!

Mauricio said...

Hello Abbie!

All ok?

See you

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I can imagine the creative wheels turning in your head!! What a treasure chest you have!! If my Mother in law gave me such a gift I think I would do a back flip!! (I do not know how to do a back flip.)