Tuesday, September 5

Its been way too long..

It's been way too long since I have posted! Even Mauricio asked if everything was ok! I actually have been busy, busy, busy! Which, I suppose is good, but I miss chatting with everyone. I have found some amazing sites and blogs that I have to point out. The image to the left is of a new notecard pack I just listed at Etsy. Things are starting to move in my shop and its really exciting!

Fresly Blended... fabulous site! Very elegant, streamlined and visually excellent! LOVE IT! and her product! Such a marvelous idea for the wedding albums.. you must go and see.. a sampling is to the right..

Her 'Freshly Blended' Blog is also a must visit. Lovely posts and interesting read for those who love paper!


himavant said...

hi! nice cards you make.. also other products. i admire persons who are able to do biz thru their arts (have i told you this before? ha ha.. must be true cos i always talked about this). i have to learn more..


thanks for stopping by!

freshlyblended said...

abbie, thank you for your sweet words about my work! i am completely flattered! i hope to have more books done and posted very soon. oh i've linked you up also cause i love to visit your blog!

Abbie said...

thank you nicole!
:) Abbie