Wednesday, September 6

Love to peruse through antique/junk shops..

Oh.. I came across the above collection of vintage antique buttons today! LOVE, love, love them! AND... I very generously decided to share. I shifted through them (FUN!!) and sorted, and bagged and tagged and voila! I have posted them for sale in my shop. I just can't resist the patina on old things!

I also picked up a fabulously distressed 1954 Webster's Dictionary. It used to be owned by, get this, EMEROY ZINK. What a fantastic name! The name alone is worth what I paid for the book! It has a wonderful, sweet musty smell that reminds me of my grandmother's home.

When my mom and I were out, (I can't believe I am telling you this) we had lunch at Pizzeria Uno's . T (my 14 month old) got milk in a cup. It had a plastic lid with the spot for the straw. Well I put my pinky in it to show her, and I got it stuck. Yep. Stuck. It was the type with the sharp plastic points. I was laughing so hard at my stupidity I couldn't breathe! The waitress said she couldn't wait to tell everyone what one of customers did. OUCH. I did finally get it off. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. My finger hurt, but my soul felt pretty good.


Caron said...

You got your finger stuck on a plastic straw and you're admitting it? :-)

Opportunities to really laugh are rare. :-)


Abbie said...

I know, I know..

Anke said...

Isn't it fun to laugh like that? I didn't had a good laugh in a while either, so when my friend visited two weeks ago, we went out and laughed so much that I had stomach pain after! And yes, funny things happen! Glad your finger made out ok! ;)

Mauricio said...

Hello Abbie,

Good stuff to made a collages.

Have a good weekend