Sunday, September 10

Sewing frenzy!

I have been on a sewing frenzy! For some reason my Husqvarna machine has been calling my name! I just finished a pair of aprons for my shop. They were sew much fun! hehehehehe.. uuggh. That pun stunk. Sorry. Anyways... I had a blast picking out fabrics that complimented, yet were different. (the aprons are reversible)

I did get some fabulous feedback about an order for custom aprons that I had done. It felt really good. I am a perfectionist and tend to get very upset over the smallest little details. (Great for the customer, they get well made items, but bad for me, because it takes me a long time to create something. )

I do need help in the photo department though. I really don't think the images of my items do them justice, but I guess I have to live with that for now.

Taylor is sick. She has quite the stuffy nose and a pretty good cough today. C and I were up most of the night with her. She just wouldn't stop screaming. If we let her play and have her way though, she was fine. ( I did treat for headache, etc..) who knows. Sometimes she is just super challenging.

Hopefully she'll sleep tonight. All of us desperately need our sleep.


Caron said...

This is too nice to wear doing things that would keep the jeans worn under it clean!

Photographs never do the original justice! No matter how good you are at taking them.


Crystal said...

This is an apron?? How beautiful! I've just marked you as a favorite seller over at Etsy, will have to come back when I've got $$$.