Monday, September 11

Studio Friday: Flowers..

Why when my child is sick do I get sick? She needs me well so I can take care of her! ssnnnnaarrr
ffffgggeellll... sniff. Stuffy nose, congested. Yeeeaaaacchh.. oh well. Figures. My poor husband. His birthday is in a week or so. I need to decide what to give him. I actually have the ability to this year. Hmm.. I'll have to think on that.

My friend Caron is due to deliver any day now. UPDATE: SHE DELIVERED ABOUT THE SAME TIME I WROTE THIS POST! a boy and he is very healthy.. he gave us a reason to look at Sept 11 as a great day instead of a sad day!! Very pregnant. I am starting to get to the point where another child would be nice, but things are just starting to develope with my business and its getting exciting. Having another child would definitely slow that progress down. I suppose I have my entire life to build and empire ;) but only a short time to have another child. That would be three. I know that my son REALLY wants me have more. He thinks that 5 is a good number. Yeah, right! Don't think so.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what fate has in store for my family and I. Now that would bw a present my huband would love! (won't happen though..) Not this year anyway.

Ok.. must go and tend to my babina.. don't forget to stop and smell the flowers..

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Caron said...

I forgot all about the colds and such a baby can put you through. Is it too late to change my mind. :-)

Remember, naps are good for parents, too.


Ces said...

A baby is always precious gift even though they grow up to be teenagers and make you poor :-)

Mauricio said...


Have a good week,

BMW is a good gift!

Abbie said...

Well ya! a BMW would be excellent!
:) Abbie

Anke said...

We have the cold in our house too, Lars started and Doug has it now, but worse than Lars and I had it. My poor man! I hope he is feeling better soon!

Anke said...

Aha the baby virus is going around. I think I'm immune right now. To much going in my life and I enjoy workind a couple hours again. I don't think I want one soon, but you never know, things can happen faster than you think. But I realized that I need some time away from the housework again and getting another baby would put me right there all again! Not ready for that! Lars will start Kindergarten soon, kind of exciting for me too!