Saturday, August 5

Burn my chicken and blister my eggs..

For the past four days I have been completely overtaken by either Salmonella posioning or Viral Menengitis. Holy of holy's. I had eaten undercooked chicken at somebody's house this past weekend and on Tuesday 'the fit hit the shan'. (reverse the letters) I also had a severly sore neck so the Dr's not sure if it was Salmonella (the test results come back on Mon) I'll let you know. Either way, from now on I'm gonna burn my chicken and blister my eggs. (and not eat chicken at other people's homes unless its charcoal.)
Now that I can move my head and feel my hands again (they tingled and were numb for two days) perhaps I can get back to my heart, I mean my art.
:) Abbie


Tickled Pink said...

Oh my. Hope you recover quickly.

Anke said...

Oh no, that sounds horrible! Glad to hear you feel better! I don't eat chicken because of my egg allergy, so I guess I don't miss anything! That's awful!