Tuesday, August 1

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace 3" x 11" 8.1.06
Queen Anne's Lace. I press and dry my own flowers and this wonder bloom came from my field last summer. I love the intricate webbing of the stems just below the flowers. Sometimes, the dried flowers will also have a dried insect or two tangled in them. Sadly, this one is sans insects, but still lovely. It is mounted on a 3" x 11" plank and has a worn harliquin pattern behind.
It is damn hot here in New Hampshire and tomorrow we could reach well over 100 degrees. Can anyone say 'global warming'? Its more like global boiling..


Caron said...

This is beautiful!


Anke said...

Soooo beautiful! Have to check out your shop now! ;)