Monday, August 21

Trying my hand..

Here is my new submission to the EtsyCRAFT: contest. I do not think that it will win, as an apron is as cliche as you can get. But there are no other aprons and definitely nothing quite like this one! I had lots of fun trying to figure it out and it works marvelously! It has three pockets along the front and is surprisingly flattering. the wide ribbon I used for the neck strap and the ties is more comfortable than a skinny strap and definitely adds contrast. The fabric is by Dena Designs. (kinda funny 'Damsel Designs using Dena Designs'..there's some aliteration for you!) LOVE the chocolate and earth tones. Its a heavy cotton canvas and very durable. No, I'm not trying to sell it.. I just love making things that work. I added my logo down just below the pocket trim. I surprised myself with this one. I didn't use a pattern and let the solutions present themselves.
I hope that everyone is doing great! I have been immensely busy and unable to post for awhile!
Take Care,


Caron said...

This is really cool! I thought you had designed the material at first. I admire your talent!


Anke said...

Oh this is great!!!! I know what you mean with busy, the same here!