Wednesday, August 16

The good, the bad and the ugly..

While in the process of creating a digital file to send to a client, my miniature pinscher (Bonnie, of 'Bonnie and Clyde') proceeded to chew up one of my archival, permanent, pens all over the bedroom berber carpet. (The carpet is only about 5 months old) NICE. So, instead of working on my computer, I cleaned and scrubbed carpet for two hours.) So.. it took alittle longer than I hoped to compose, but its done and gone. The shops that currently carry my cards are local, so I can take them in to show. I hopefully will be suppling my cards to a shop in Washington state. All the way across the country. Does that mean I'll be going national? Now that's NICE.
My sales have flopped so far on Etsy. I think that it is because the images don't do them justice. And, perhaps my cards are more expensive than most on the site. They are handdrawn, hand embellished, and they are original. Nothing against the tide of rubber stamps, but to actually use one's own handwriting on a piece is almost unheard of now. We'll see.


Ces said...

This is really nice!

Anke said...

Heads up, maybe at Etsy it's too much people trying to sell. Good luck on your national sales! That sounds good! I would love to purchase some of your cards, but the money is real tight right now. And sorry to hear about your carpet, that's a tough one! Lars was all day a handfull too, that means a lot of messes!

Mauricio said...

Hey Abbie, all ok?

Great drawings in the postcards.

I like very much, congrats

My best