Monday, August 14

utilizing my love for graphic design..

I designed this logo for the 'Craft:' challenge at I posted the submission to my shop. We'll see. I very much enjoy the challenge of coming up with ideas. Here is the description I posted with it.

"I took each letter and used images of things that symbolize our 'Craft'; all of the different types of 'Craft' that can be found here at Etsy and elsewhere. Especially our livingrooms, bedrooms, closets, in our homes, in our hearts.

The 'C' represents the fabric,crochet and knitting artists.

The 'R' represents the painters.

The 'A' is for those who sew.

The 'F' is for the collage, assemblage, and scrapbook artists.

The 'T' is for paper and pen artists, and those who love vintage art.

The ':' is for the jewelry makers.

Last, but not least, the entire image itself represents the new digital world of craft."

Click on the image to see the details.


Ces said...

This is great. I recognized your grandmother's self portrait right away. Very nice.

michael dailey said...

its like a word collage great idea

Tammy said...

This is wonderful! I love it! I hope you win the challenge - perfect!

Anke said...

Really crafty/creative! Like the colors your used in the letters! Fingers crossed to win the challenge!

Abbie said...

I actually pulled this submission for the contest. As it turns out, someone had posted a very similair idea earlier in the week. I had not seen her piece until I was shuffling through all the submissions. I didn't feel right submiting an idea that had already been entered. I guessit wasn't that original after all.

Thanks for the comments though guys! theya re greatly appreciated!