Tuesday, October 31

All Hallow's Eve..

I have been waiting almost a year to post this image and have it suitable for the season! My mother took this picture of Z last Halloween. I made the costume for him and it came out so excellent! Very goth, and dark. The face of the hood is a dark black mesh, so he can see out, but you just barely see his face. The flash reflected of the sliding door behind him. It makes it looks like he is generating this magic core of light. I think it is so fun. ( the image is completely unedited.. and for me that's unusual)

Happy Halloween!

(He is wearing the same costume this year, and unlike last year where the bottom of the cloak touched the floor, it is now about 3 inches above his shoes! They do grow up don't they?)

Not very scary, but very fun! To see more 'scary' things go to Mama Say Om.


Caron said...

Now all he needs is a scythe! :-)

Great costume!


Mauricio said...

Hello Abbie!!!

Cool picture :o)

Anonymous said...

UUUUuuhhhh spooky! Looks like he is out of the Lord of Rings! Thumbs up costume!