Monday, November 13

Wonderful surprises...

I have been feeling very under the weather the past few days, but sunshine comes when you least expect it and the other day I received the most fabulous package in the mail!! It was overflowing with goodies!!
All sorts of papers, ribbons, buttons, MORE papers, TREASURE!! I have to say a HUGE 'Thank You!!' to Amanda from Bubbles and Belles.

The whole package was so much fun to sort through! It will definitely keep me busy and perhaps even help distract me from the yucky felling in my stomach. Amanda also has an Etsy Shop. Etsy is currently under going a 'facelift', so, when they come back up, I'll post a link.

Thank you Amanda!!
:) Abbie


Anonymous said...

Oh I love getting package can I can sort through, I loved that when I ordered art material. Will be while till my next one. By the way this you get your book back yet from Chimera.Muse?
The weather here is crazy, warm, cold, and my circulatory is going wild too, especially if it gets colder again.

Anonymous said...

uups, some mistakes in there.....soory :)

Anonymous said...

That is great news with your book. So glad it made back home!