Saturday, December 9


We have two wonderful little miniature pinchers (mind you, their names are Bonnie and Clyde). Small dogs, about 11 pounds each, look just like mini Dobermans. Well, they (led by the aggresive female) screamed under our deck and got a full attack of SKUNK spray. GOD DAMN IT, IT STINKS. The entire damn house. Luckily most of my products are already sealed in plastic and stored away. I'll have a person who HASn't been in the house to check them and see how they smell. I hate getting used to stink. I know I smell horribly, but I can't do a frickin' thing about it. MERRY STINKIN" CHRISTMAS!!!
>:( I hate smelling like skunk ass.


Anke said...

Oh no ! That is not fun at all! Wish you a fast way to get rid of the stink!

Rrramone said...

I have experienced the skunk stink. Glad it's better now. :-)