Saturday, December 9


I must apologize for my most harsh post jsut previos to this. When everything explodes it is hard for me to remain calm and I needed to vent. The house smells much better now. (Either that or I am getting used to it) The dogs are clean. Recipe: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and a 1/2 tsp dish soap. Worked pretty well, except Cylde now instead of being a solid black, has some brown highlights. That I can deal with. Saturday evening. Its getting dark so early now. Time to cuddle on the couch and chase my daughter around.
:) Abbie


Anonymous said...

Ah - no need to apologize, just tag the post as a rant. It's ok to rant in your own blog. In fact it's healthy to rant once in awhile!


P.S. ... I need to meet with you at some point ... got Z a Christmas gift. :-)


Anke said...

enI would have been 'pretty' mad as well! I agree with Caron, if you let it out it's not going to bother you anymore. Sometimes an outburst is so recalming.

Anke said...

Uups, What is the first two letters in there? Well, en was not suppose to be there.