Monday, December 11

Things are movin'...

The above photo was taken from our room window at The Balsams in Northern NH a few years ago. We have been several times and love it most thoroughly. The food is to die for. Oh, how I would love to get a break, any break from the screaming, the dogs, the laundry, the cooking, the house. Hohum... atleast I have photos..

I have my second doctors appt. tomorrow. (almost 14 weeks) I have yet to hear the heartbeat or see an ultrasound, so hopefully they will do one or both tomorrow. I'm hoping that it will help me get alittle more excited and allow me to visualize that I am actually carrying another baby. Because I truck up and down flights of stairs and chase a 25 lb 18 month all around, I have yet to gain a pound with this child. (At this point with T, I had gained probably 10 lbs already) Hopefully this means that I'll be able to stay leaner and have a quicker recovery on the other end. I hate having my pants fit tightly. they still fit fine through the leg and thigh, but the waist is starting to expand and I can;t button any of them. I'll have to pick up some longer shirts so nobody can peek at my belly. I did pull out my maternity clothes, but they are still way too big for me to wear.
My list for today:
  • shower (done)
  • laundry (done...well, sortof..)
  • pick up living room and kitchen (done)
  • make an apron for a custom order
  • mail out orders from this weekend (done)
  • get some misc Christmas shopping done (done)
  • get off the damn PC so I can get started (nope...still here..hehehehe)
  • buy a garbage can because the dogs just got into the trash AGAIN!!! (DONE!)

Wish me luck.

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Anke said...

I can hear you! Well, I'm a little more excited but I first will feel happy when this stupid sickness is gone. One day better, one day worse.....hope you had a great doc's visit! Ultrasound is such a great thing!