Wednesday, March 7

99 days to go...

art by Anke Martin

Today I have 99 days until my due date. It makes me think of the song '99 Red Balloons'. I use to listen to it all the time on the radio in Germany when we lived there. Speaking of Germany, I got the most amazing Birthday present in the mail today from my most beloved of internet friends! Anke sent me a wonderful piece of art that just brightened my day most significantly. I haven't had the ambition to get out my own way lately and the present in the mail was wonderful. THANK YOU ANKE! :)
99 days. I hope I make it. No, seriously, I hit 32 years old the other week, I am getting bigger by the second and I really need a spa day. I just feel old and fat and get out of the slump my attitude is in. I need to focus. Appreciate. Regroup. It's just not happening though. Maybe tomorrow I'll focus. Appreciate. Regroup. I bet my husband hopes so. ;)
Thank you Anke for the smile from across the ocean. I needed it!
:) Abbie


Rrramone said...

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think about how amazing it will be to hold that baby. Then eat some chocolate.

Anke said...

Oh, I didn't check your webpage in a while. So glad I could cheer up your day! I know what you mean, well I'm not over 30 yet but this pregnancy is kind of hard on my mood! I can't remember that I was that moody last time, but I probably was, just don't remember. I just know I'm different being pregnant and I'm looking forward to hold that baby in my arms and hopefully my hormones are going to be normal again ;)
99 days or even less now, hey you definitely can do it!!!!!