Monday, March 19

Etsy Baby Shower

The above items are all handmade by Citefuzz.
The above onesie is handmade by Lemon Cadet.

So far I have received a fabulous little collection of items from some FANTASTIC shops at Etsy. I honestly have yet to buy anything for the new little one coming in just 86 days. But these gifts make me more excited and help me to look forward to a new baby. Time has gone by so quickly, it's hard to believe that in under 3 months there will be another little child in the house. Three. That is good number. I hope my children will grow to be best of friends. I am actually looking forward to Christmas when they have families of their own and everyone is together in a nice big gathering. For now, we have a pretty large gathering as it is.
Anyways... stop by the above shops and take a peeksie.. wonderful HANDMADE items await you!


LemonCadet said...

Looks like you're getting some great stuff! I'm so glad you like the onesie.

Anke said...

Oh how fun! Is it going to be a girl? Just wondering because of the pink. Almost there!