Saturday, June 9

False Labor

Well last night I thought it was the time. I got very excited, giddy actually. All smiles. Contractions had started! Every ten or 11 minutes. Uncomfortable, and semi regular. No go. It was FALSE LABOR. Geesh. How disappointing. But, it is a sign that perhaps FINALLY things are going to start moving. Downward, I hope, but at this point I'll take any direction this baby wants to go. My delivery is scheduled at the hospital for Friday the 15th. So, that is the LAST day that I'll have to wait. 6 days away. Its gonna kill me. Those 6 days are gonna go by slower than the past entire 9 months. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick.


Tine said...

Oh wow! Sending you the best wishes for those remaining days!!

Anonymous said...

Can I photograph your bun when it's done?

Amber said...

Last minute, but do you want any company on Monday to help the clock tick?