Monday, June 11

Wakeful and Dreamin'...

I could not sleep last night. I think my eyes finally closed around 1 am, and I was up with the sun (right now its lightout at 5:40 am). Thoughts kept streaming through my head. One was of a new idea I have for posting on my blog. I think from now on, when time allows, wether daily or weekly, I am going to post free 'clipart' type images from my 'stash' for people to utilize, download, enjoy or pass along. I had the most difficult time finding quality FREE images that I actually might want to apply to my art and my life. I hate to pay for anything if its avoidable, so I thought I'd pass along some love to my blog readers. So.. that will be my next post. The start to my free, LARGE format, Clipart Stash Share Campaign.
Also, I purchased the lastest edition of Somerset Life to read in the hospital after the baby comes. I couldn't wait that long!! It was calling for me from the bottom of my overnight bag.(which I packed the other day when I had the false labor) So, I think between the LARGE coffee frappe I had yesterday afternoon and the giddiness of all the new projects streaming through my head there was no sleep to be had by me last night.
If you are curious as to the image on the left, well.. that is a reminder to me of where I came from and where, my belly is going back too. Yep my girth went from that to this. Mind you, it took alot of coffee frappes.
;) Abbie

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