Monday, August 27


Buttons! I have had this slight obsession with the tiny little items for quite some time now. My collection has grown quite large, although, compared to some I have seen, I have very few. The image above is of some of the lovelies. I just love the hunt for them. and when you find them, buried in the back dark corner of a antique or junk shop, its just most fabulous! Hidden treasure! I have found small cameos, little gems, antique belt buckles, and so many other little bits and bobbles hidden from view for decades. Oh the fun of it! A delight to collect, they take up very little space. a few large jars or baskets (or in my case an old cookie sheet with vintage small bunt pans is the perfect solution of sorting and organizing.) some of the buttons are available for sale in my shop and new listings will be coming when time allows.
:) abbie


Anke said...

Oh good to know, you collect them. I think I have a nice surprise coming to you soon!

Amber said...

Wait until you see the button on T's vest! I'm free every Wednesday if you want to drop by...otherwise I'm working (ugh.) Weekends are good, too.