Tuesday, August 21

I'm sorry to have left that annoying plug for my shop as my last post for so long. Things have just been crazy here! The girls are definitely keeping my on my toes. Baby A is sleeping 8-10 at a night now. She is 10 weeks old. T is driving me absolutely crazy. I think the Terrible Two's have settled in. the dogs are also being quite a challenge. Perhaps they are distressed with the addition of another child in the house. I do know that T has been terrorizing them alittle more than usual lately.
On a brighter note, C and I were able to go out for dinner the other night. The appetizers were great, but the main course was NOT 'all that'. But it was nice to get away from the children and dogs for a few hours. I could have been getting a root canal and it still would have been a nice break. Thank you to those who have popped into my shop and said 'hi' and 'welcome back!' Etsy has definitely been very nice to me and I have missed it tremendously. (Oh... the key is the lastest addition!)
:) Abbie


Anke said...

Wow, you sure sound busy, I don't know how you manage all kids, dogs and still be creative! At least you find some time to take breaks.
Here everything is ok, I'm recovering good, every day a little better, Maya is a calm baby and Lars a good brother. Let's see how long that last ;) Wish you a nice day, Anke ;)

Abbie said...

oh my, you just had a baby? and you have a two year old? Congratulations super mommy!