Monday, August 6

Summer days...

The past few weeks have been filled with family, bears, and sunshine. Ayuh, bears. If you take a peekie at the picture of our stone wall laden with apples, near the top you can see the remains of snapped tree. The fragrance of the apples must of attracted him and instead of dining on the apples that were picked and ready for the taking, that bear decided to climb a five foot tree. It has since been replaced with a lovely MacIntosh. And as far as family goes, it seems they all arrived on the same day and stayed for the same week. In laws, outlaws and everyone in between. To top it all off, my two year old got a double ear infection smack dab in the middle of the family festivites and now has a horrible cold to go with it. Nature has a way of forcing you to slow down when it is well needed. My hands are almost raw from washing them so much. With my time spent split between my 7 week old and the one with the cold, I am praying I can keep the wee one healthy. Before T got sick, and before the rain (it came in last night) we spent some lovely afternoons at my grandmothers lakeside cottage down the street. There is nothing more fabulous than being on the water, in the sun, surrounded by green hills. Now, on the rainy days to come, with family gone and things back to some semblance of tranquility, hopefully things will progress with my shop. I have been trying to redesign my product packaging, but have hit a creative wall (or uncreative wall). I can't find my most recent sketchbook, and that is very troubling.. hmm.. I'll have to hunt for it today. Hope all is well with you and yours.. leave a comment and say 'hi!'
:) Abbie
(the pic on the right is from the top deck of my grandmothers cottage, the bushes you see are blueberry and the tall pine goes right up through the middle of the decking)

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