Friday, September 7

Bragging rights..

I guess the bragging rights aren't really mine, but my aunt's. But I thought I'd spill the beans for her since she is not internet savy and I don't think she even owns a PC. LLBean (yes, the LLBean) has chosen her home as the location for photographing some of their 2008 catalog!! How cool is that?? My aunt inherited 'the farm' from my grandfather when he passed away. She has lovingly been working on the fields, grounds and upkeep for several years now. It is a gorgeous and restful New Hampshire farm house built in the 1800's. (If my cousin Rachel reads this post maybe she'll say exactly when the farm was built.. it's above the front door (I think) but do you think I could remember the date??) Anyways.. the bragging rights aren't mine, but who cares! They picked a gorgeous place to photograph. I knew I liked that company for a reason.
(The image I swiped from their website.. a pair of slippers that will be on my Christmas list this year! Aren't they cute? I adore the 'Ballet Slipper' look they have.)
:) Abbie


Sandy said...

That is SOOOO exciting. I can see why you are bragging....but.....are we going to get to see some pics!!! I will definitely keep coming back cause I wanna see it....whine!!!!

It must be wonderful!


heddy said...

yes, this is cool alright.
I used to like the backgrounds of Victoria Secret and Horchow.
How did llbean find out about her?