Thursday, September 6

Enjoying the last bit of summer...

Watching the Merganzers

Gathered the wee ones and we ventured to the beach yesterday for a picnic lunch. (about a mile away). Probably the last time of the year, although, now that all the tourists and much of the summer residents have gone home, things have quieted down. The Lakes Region of NH is a gorgeous place to live, especially in the summer. But it is also very nice to see summer pass and everyone go home again. Our little town just gets inundated with out-of-state-ahs.

School has started. Soccer practice starts this weekend, and Cub Scouts is just around the bend. I have been looking into a gymnastics class for T. (in pic) I truely think she would love it, I just am not sure if I can take her with Baby A in tow.

I laid on the beach staring up into an oak tree for a while. It was so nice to veg out and not think about all the things that have been plaguing my mind lately. My brother leaves for Afghanastan in December (Army) and that fills quite a bit of my thoughts and worries lately.

C has been on vaca this week. It has been the most gorgeous week weather wise. this weekend its suppose to get HOT again, but atleast the nights will be cool. Woke up this morning and the temp was 46 degrees out, but supposedly its gonna hit 90 today. What a jump!

Hope all is well.. here is the pic of my tree and the crystal blue sky that I gazed into for awhile. Now you can enjoy it too.. (the leaves in the bottom corner are starting to change color..)
:) Abbie


M~ said...

I miss the beach...I'm just a few hours away but I used to be just a few minutes...


Caron said...

Great pic of T and C with the ducks connecting them like connect-the-dots!

Sees ya Saturday the 15th for Boys b'day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Abergails,
I like your blog. Beautiful pictures!
Cousin Rachel

Anke said...

How wonderful you can enjoy the last summer days. We have fall time already. Bummer. Oh well, next year maybe we have a better summer and I can enjoy it again without a baby belly! ;)

Sandy said...

Awwwhhh..those pics are nice. May your brother be safe.