Tuesday, September 25

I just listed some of the neatest wallpapers in my shop. I know, its boring when I promote, but these papers are so wonderful! Antique wallpapers dating from the turn of the century. Some are copyrighted 1892. The colors are still so vibrant and the designs are fabulous! Some have shimmery inks, and you can tell that they are made with hand inked rollers. oh, I just get so excited about old papers. The history, the lives, the stories, what these wallpapers have witnessed. Two World Wars, electricity, cars, etc.. Things just aren't made with the same love and passion anymore. Details are lost or ignored and people just don't take pride in what they make. (I am speaking of the mass produced and marketed NOT the handmade, artisan items.) You'll have to visit my shop just to peek at the other patterns. There are 20 total shown. (Two different bundles for sale) enjoy the trip!


AscenderRisesAbove said...

those are lovely; I really like wallpapers and thought for the longest time that I would love to have been a wallpaper artist; doing those absolute exact pieces of work.

I also enjoyed your halloween ornaments; very very nice.

I didn't know you had an etsy store; off to check it out now.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

oh wait - now I recognize your shop; I chose it as a favorite months ago without even knowing it was you!

Tonya said...

Where do you find these? They're beautiful! (I just hearted your shop.)

Abbie said...

Hi Tonya! they are actually treasure from my grandfather's home. (a mid-1800's New England Colonial)