Sunday, September 23

Oh! So much to share!!

Oh! I have so much to share so you'll have to ignore the typos! (when I'm excited I mess up all the time!) The words can't come from my fingers fast enough.. does anyone else have that problem? I guess I shouldn't have peeked in typing class.. ha! Looks who's paying the price now! Anyway.. I got the most amazing package in the mail on Saturday. The contents are displayed in the image on the left! Can you guess what it is???? (click the image to see a larger view) Ok, I'll tell you! 179, yes, (one hundred and seventy nine) packages of Vintage Seam Binding!! AAAHHHHH!!!! All date from the late fifties to early sixties. Aaaaaahhhhh!!! I was so excited I almost peed myself! Every single color of the rainbow! I played with them, sorted them, grouped them, reorganized them, spilt them up, put them together, stacked them, dropped them, just had so much fun! Even my two year old was squealing! (well, who could resist all those dee-lish colors??) Fully saturated, every spectrum, still in their crispy celophane wrappers. I am in the furious process of trying to figure out a catchy way to either repackage or display them for sale in my online shop. They will be going at the best price on the internet because I got them for a steal! If you aren't familiar with vintage seam binding, well, Welcome! Even the marvelous Martha Stewart uses seam binding in her projects at Martha Stewart Crafts. She also sells her own line of seam bindings for crafts, scrapbooking, home use, giftwrapping, etc. If she suggests it them it has to be 'a good thing' right? If you would like some of the delicousness, keep an eye on my shop! Any whoo.... I must go and play! Enjoy!


Mary said...

Hi Abbie, At first look, I thought they were artist's pastel crayons! They are so beautiful, and just oozing inspiration. Love 'em!

Anke said...

Oh my! Those are for sure a lot of colors! I can imagine how happy you felt playing around and sorting! It's like Christmas, isn't it? I feel like a little child on Christmas too,when I get new art supplies!!!