Wednesday, October 3

Bon Jour Mon Amie!

Hello my friends! I had such a marvelous day scouring junk and antique shops with my mama. Oh, the treasures! Above is peekie at the pile of goodies! Vintage and antique photos, maps from 1926 of New England, and two (yes, TWO!) large, antique books titled 'Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms'. The entire books are dedicated to living (and writing) a proper, socially acceptable middle class life in 1881. Handwriting samples, letters, accounting information, GORGEOUS drawings, an entire collection of etiquette. Absolutely divine and sooooo much fun! I was giggling in the car and I think my mama was starting to question my sanity. I adore old, antique paper. Books, maps, letters, you name it, I hoard it. ( I also sell it here. ) Anyway, I thought I'd leave you with a little bit of advise from Mr. Hill.

Etiquette Between Husbands and Wives.

Let the rebuke be preceded by a kiss.

Do not require a request to be repeated.

Never should both be angry at the same time.

Never neglect the other, for all the world beside.

Let each strive to always accomodate the other.

Let the angry word be answered only with a kiss.

Bestow your warmest sympathies in each other's trials.

Make your criticism in the most loving manner possible.

Make no display of the sacrifices you make for each other.

Never make a remark calculated to bring ridicule upon the other.

Never deceive; confidence once lost, can never be wholly regained.

Always use the most gentle and loving words when addressing each other.

Let each study what pleasure can be bestowed upon the other during the day.

Always leave home with a tender goodbye and loving words. They may be the last.

Consult and advise together in all that comes within the experience and sphere of each individually.

Never reproach the other for an error which was done with a good motive and with the best judgement at the time.


Abbie said...

whao! What are you going to do with these finds? (besides reading the information lol)

PS: In your previous post, your daughter almost looks like she has a flower crown on her head, regal)

Mary said...

Bonjour, Abbie! What great finds! I love old books; they are a priceless window on the past, and sometimes they're a real hoot!

tongue in cheek said...

What fun I have had soaking in your eye candy! Your etsy shop is wonderful

Tea Time and Roses said...

Abbie what a lovely post... Some wonderful finds you have there! I enjoyed so much Etiquette between husbands and wives...things to remember. Thank you...



Anke said...

I can imagine how you felt! Three weeks ago I went to a cloth bazaar for kid's clothes and found an older book with children songs, I asked how much it was and the lady who sold it was kind of amused that I wanted that book. Too funny. For some they are treasures and for others just old junk. Enjoy going through your new treasures! ;)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Thanks for visiting my site and giving me the pleasure of finding yours :-)

I love the excerpt........very sweet.

Hope you have the Best of Days........Rosie