Monday, October 1

My curtains are up!

Well, I finally had time to hang the insulated curtains and make the tie backs. I suppose they should be called 'pull' backs since they do not tie. ;) We have four windows in the hall between the garage and the house (which could be why its so cold in there all the time). This is the last hope at trying to keep the space warm this coming winter.

The construction was fairly simple (I didn't use a pattern) I measured the width and height of my windows, added inches to the top and bottom for seam allowance, and for rod pockets. I did not choose to make them very wide, as I wanted them to lay fairly flat when closed to help with insulation. (that is why there is not much gather to them) Also, the hall is narrow and we don't need billows of fabric to push past when going back and forth. (as well as the fabric would be more tempting for little hands to touch and pull).

I cut the insulating fabric (from Joann's) one inch narrower than the decorator fabric, so the pattern would wrap around to the inside slightly. Sewed the right sides together, in simple straight stitch from top to bottom. The top and bottom were sewn even (leaving a slight gap at one end to turn them right side out), I used a straight stitch to sew that opening closed.

There was some of the insulating fabric left for me to use for the rod pockets along the top. I left about a two inch gap, then stitched a two inch wide strip to the top of the curtains. If I did them again, I would make my rod pocket larger, as they don't slide very easily on the pole. But, I suppose, no pattern, you'll learn from your mistakes AFTER you make them. Not wanting to do it all over, they slide hard. I might try the metal clips with the metal rings at the top, I KNOW they would slide easily, but then again, our rods may be to mounted to close to the window casing for them.. we'll see. I used the left over scraps to sew simple tubes of fabric, and I have Velcro to screw them with. Tada! Not overly spectacular, but I estimate that I saved almost two hundred dollars by making them myself. Curtains are so very expensive, and all you really need to know how to do is a straight stitch and a few measurements. The little mistakes no one will ever notice.

On to a different topic.. My daughter has the most amazing eyes I think I have ever seen. They are almost black, yet she has blond hair. Very mysterious and wonderful! My eyes are a puke hazel brown, (not that hazel eyes are puke, just mine are) When she was born I thought I had given birth to snow white. she had a head of dark brown hair, black brown eyes and ruby red lips. Well, the hair has changed and the lips are usually in a snickery, mischievous grin, but the eyes are still black.


Mary said...

Oh my gosh, Abbie, your daughter is so beautiful! Those eyes are just gorgeous. Hey, your curtains turned out really nicely -- I'm not a sewer, so I am really impressed! LOL

Anke said...

Your daughter will drive the boys in school crazy....with those eyes and her blond hair ;)Definitely a pretty little girl.
Curtains look great. I hope they do their job.

Abbie said...

Abbie you are promptly invited to my house to do all my curtains!
My goodness you are talented!

heddy said...

My sentiments too, oh my gosh, is she cute or what!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't expect the curtains to be done already. Actually sounds pretty straightforward and definitely saves money. I made curtains once when I was in highschool. I will remember your tips if I ever get around to making curtains for my house.

Amber said...

Great minds.....I just finished curtains for my living room! We decided to re-do it after I got the slipcovers...the furniture made everything else look worse! You'll have to come down soon to see.