Monday, October 15

Journeys and workloads..

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I'm sorry for disappearing for so long! things have been hectic and wonderful.. :) I spent most of Friday on a car trip with T. I went to visit and deliver some items to a shop on the other side of the state. I met a new friend through Etsy. Rita had the most fabulous little shop just filled to brim with eye candy!! It might have been a nicer visit had I not been chasing my two year old all over the place. She had been sitting in the car for an hour and half and was in a most crazy mood. It rained and poured the entire drive, both ways, but it was still gorgeous. When it rains in Autumn all the colors glow. The tree trunks go to a dark matte black and the leaves and moss just pop. I drove past three of NH's most lovely lakes to get to her and it was worth every minute. :)

The rest of my weekend was spent in quite caios trying get house work and shop duties caught up. The Red Sox lost, the Patriots won. I am also in the process of working on a large mailer for my shop. (can't tell.. its a secret!) I hope everyone else is a having a lovely autumn.. time to start making costumes!

Have I mentioned that I love paper? Above is an image of the rolls of 100+ year old wallpaper from my grandfathers. I didn't get to keep all of it, although I was able to get a long strip off each roll. The color of aged paper.. a delicate golden cream. I just can't resist. I have been pasing the floor awaiting the arrival of a new aquistion. An 1850 Ledger Book and every page is filled with calligraphy. I'm tellin' ya, if it doesn't arrive tomorrow I'm gonna freak out at the mail box. It's not gonna be pretty!


Anke said...

Hope you get that book in the mail usually takes even longer when you wait for something so eagerly. Sounds like your business is really taking off, so happy for you. Wish you a nice day ;)

Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
You're so lucky to live right in the middle of such glorious autumn color! Ours looks a little faded right now -- not enough rain!

Please stop by to pick up your award! I just love reading your blog, and visiting your shop.

Rita Weiss said...

Hi Abbie :) It was so nice to meet you two last Friday. Thanks for the personal delivery. Hope to see you again soon.