Tuesday, October 9

Oh, what a weekend..

We laughed, we cried, we had fun, we were sad. So many things happened I don't even know where to start. Fins, our Beta Fish, got sick and was swimming sideways. We were sure he was on his way out and talked expectantly to the kids. Since Thursday he had been looking horrid. Well, now on Tuesday, he has miraclulously recovered and I am very happy, to say the least. He keeps me company (he sits in his bowl on my kitchen island and watches the world go by) and I would miss him if he were to pass on.
As far as the rest of our weekend, we went to the Sandwich Fair (not about sandwiches, but held in the town of Sandwich, NH). The drive is truely lovely, especially this week, because of the folliage. We are about to hit peak color and the landscape is starting to vibrate with colors. The pic above is one I took on the way home of a most gorgeous horse farm. White fencing line all the fields and the drive is a straight shot to the farmhouse. Oh, it is most delightful! We saw the typical oxen, fowl, and food. Baby A got a bit restless after an hour so we packed up and drove home. Sounds foolish to travel so far to only stay a short time, but it gets so crazy and with 3 little ones to keep track of, the ride is the most pleasant part of the journey.
My inlaws had to put one of their dogs down. Happens often, I know, but they are dog people and Cocoa used to be my husbands dog before we met and were married. she is buried on our hillside and enjoys a beautiful view of our field now. Happiness and sadness went hand in hand this weekend, but in the end it was all good. In the words of Dori ' just keep swimming, just keep swimming..'
oh.. T got a vicious cold and I think everyone else in the house is about to catch it.. it never ends..


Abbie said...

I'm happy the little fishy lived! Funny how it's the smallest things that make us happy.
Love the scenery picture.

Anke said...

Oh what a beatuiful foto! Glad to hear your fish is doing better. Isn't it kind of funny how attached you get to animals, even if they are little like that?

RitasCottage said...

Hi Abbie! I'm so happy to have found your blog. That photo is devine and your studio/workshop looks amazing. So funny that we both found that list! It'll be fun to meet you...

Mary said...

Hi Abbie, We've been to VT but never NH. It looks so beautiful. What a cute fish -- happy to hear reports of it's demise were greatly exaggerated. :)

heddy said...

Hi Abbie,
Love the Fall look of things!
P.s. Thank You for lovely package. It arrived safely and I love it.