Wednesday, October 24

Our house, is a very, very very large house..

..with three kids and two dogs.. life used to be so hard... but everything is easy 'cause of you... lalala...

Our home was modeled after the pics above.. we ordered the plans for our Colonial from the same company. Our first floor bath has the same layout, just not quite as formal. Same with the Library image. and the the front door is almost identical, but ours has one large door instead of two smaller. Below is a pic of me very pregnant, this past spring sitting on our doorstep. The house colors are exactly the same. Brick red with a pale, creamy wheat trim.

pic taken by Caron


Carolyn said...

Just saying Hi Abbie !
And to say a special thanks for the gorgeous seam binding i bought from your shop !
Carolyn - UK

Junie Moon said...

Your house looks beautiful and I love the picture of you--is that henna, it looks awesome!

Abbie said...

It' actually a tattoo. It is a lot smaller when I'm not pregnant.
:) Abbie

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Love the tattoo......if I were only younger :-)

Abbie said...

That pic of you is so yoga chic! Love it!
You have a lovely home as well.

Mary said...

Wow, great pic of you, Abbie! Was it professionally done? It's wonderful! You have a red house, too? Awesome! Who is the architect?