Thursday, October 25

Rainbows and birdcages...

Rainbows are just about the most spectacular thing out there. They happen so rarely and to catch one is just a good thing. I caught this one the other day and I'd like to share my rainbow with you. It spreads out over our field and ends sweetly just over the pond in the corner.

I went and visited my grandmother on her birthday Sunday. She looks fabulous for sixty. ;) These Divine pics I took at my aunts home. She has this amazing ability to decorate and layer. Every inch is touched by love. I just adore the antique birdcages in her sun room. The pale green wainscoting and hardwood floors in the living room are my favorite though..


Abbie said...

ummm, did you say your grandmother is 60???
My mom is over 60!
And she does have a lovely home.
I'm starting to look for birdcages to have around my house due to your inspirational blog and others like it.
Thanks for sharing.

Abbie said...

ps: are those real plants??

Abbie said...

lol!! I was actually teasing about her age, she has 6+ great grand children and if I told her real age she'd kill me!! :) and, yes.. those are real plants.. she has green hands, not just thumbs!
:) Abbie

Mary said...

What a beautiful house your aunt has! I love those birdcages, too. And the table in the other pic is very lovely.
Thanks for sharing the rainbow!

Anke said...

Looks like your whole family has a great sense for art and decorating, thanks for sharing the fotos! Concerning the rainbow, oh yes it's hard to catch them. Acutally we had in the last two years a couple of them during the year. I love the double ones, they are just amazing!
Wish you a nice weekend!