Tuesday, October 16

A Piece of Presidential History and Smile Awards...

Well, blogger is still on the fritz and I am truly considering moving my blog.. but ANYWAY.. I did manage to get several images uploaded.. the ledger finally arrived!! An 1853-1858 Accounting Ledger Book from a store in Camden, NY. I nearly cried when I shuffled through the 627 pages of flourished calligraphy and numbers. Nearly every page is filled. The hours, months somebody spent hunched over this ledger are staggering!

I had originally acquired it to break it down and sell the pages in my shop . (It is damaged, as some pages have been torn from it) But I'm not sure if I can anymore. I need to enjoy it as it is. The cover is a lovely brown suede with stamped tool work. It is enormous as well. 11" x 16" with cover.

The most delightful surprise was the list of charging customers. 300+ pages of names and all their debits and credits. Among the list is Martin Van Buren, 8th president of the United States. How is that for a shocker!? The ledger is a piece of presidential memorabilia! The dates work, and even the location is in very close proximity to his homestead as the boat floats. So I now I have a difficult decision to make.. and more research to do.

On another note, Mary, at the Little Red House, nominated me for the 'You Make Me Smile Award'! Thank you Mary!! She is such a sweetheart! I absolutely love her profile description, I feel the same way most of the time. (my list of nominees will be forth coming in my next few posts..)



Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
That is just beautiul! All that wonderful calligraphy, and history, too! I can totally understand you not wanting to break it up.

Thanks for sharing it!

Anke said...

Oh my, you really found a treasure there. I can imagine why it's hard to tear up, I would have the same problem for sure.