Thursday, October 18

Sometimes I wonder...

A page from my journal with a little pretty basket of goodies I just put together today..

As a very insecure person on the inside, sometimes I wonder if I inadvertently offend? I try
to keep things light and cheery but sometimes the wrong word flows from my fingers or I just can't get my thoughts out properly. If I could type as fluently as I speak then perhaps visits might come more often. So, I appolgize for offending, neglecting my blog duties or being pushy with my shop. I truly do enjoy the comments on my blog, and sometimes wish that I had more time to sit and visit other peoples blogs. Life happens and I like to post about it when given the opportunity. I have some very special blogs that I check daily, sometimes several times a day and I would like to pass on the You Make Me Smile Award to them.

Here they are (in no particular order):

My dear friend Caron, who speaks so open and honest.
My dear friend Amber, whose pics and stories ALWAYS make me smile!
Melissa, at The Garden of Pink Shadows, whose lovely art is most inspiring.
Anke, my dear friend from across the sea, who always has a smile for everyone she meets! and last but not least,
Emily, who in her own right, has become a celeb at Etsy. I LOVE her funk and her ability to live so beautifully!

Thank you!

and there are many others as well, most have already received the award, so I can't pass it to them.. but if you check my list of Whimsical Places on the left, you can go and visit my other favorites too!


Sweet Remembrance said...

Thank you for posting on my blog...I'm so glad you did so I could find yours!
Your photos are wonderful as are your posts!
I absolutely love the little basket on your journal!
Have a wonderful day...

Jessica said...

I had to go back and read some of your recent entries and couldn't find one thing that could be considered offensive! I do know what you mean about insecurity inside and I think that's something a lot of artists/musicians/performers struggle with. I also see you have children, so you're very busy! Post whenever you want and about whatever you want; that's the beauty of having a blog. I enjoy your posts and love to peek at other artist's work and their lives. If anything, I'd like to see more of your artwork. Your journal looks pretty cool!

Anke said...

Oh Abbie, you are sooo sweet! Thanks a lot, I don't feel left behind or something, when you don't comment a lot on my blog. I know how busy times can get. Wish you a great weekend!!!!;)

Anke said...

PS: Concerning insecurity, I feel that sometimes too!!! You are not alone out there ;)

Caron said...

How could you offend anyone? You're so easy to get along with. There's no way you can control how others perceive your actions, but as long as your intentions are honorable then it's their problem if someone finds offense in anything you say or do. Besides, having a bit of an edge can spice things up a bit. We can't be liked by everyone, it would take up too much of our time trying to fit them into our schedules. :-)

Holly Woods said...

I keep stopping by to see what you are up to.
Love your blog:)

Amber said...

Offend? What are you talking about? You're justabout the sweetest person I know! And thank you, I'm glad I can make you smile.

Junie Moon said...

I am enjoying reading your blog--so many lovely things to learn and discover here.