Monday, November 26

A Blank Slate, the Wierd, the Random and the Funny...

Well, I got the kitchen table stripped and the mantle cleared off.. I tend to gravitate to symmetrical decorating. It must be a little bit of the mathematician in me. Pretty barren, eh?


Yesterday my mother came over and we were able to coral the children long enough to get a pic for Christmas cards. Since most you aren't on my mailing list, I can show them off! :) We placed a skid proof mat on top of the dining table, and then my wee daughter's Bumbo, and then placed a tablecloth over everything, slid the table towards the mantle and voila! we had a mock photo studio! The kids didn't move very far once they were on the table because I think they were afraid they might fall off. Or it was because I was yelling so loudly at them to behave, sit still, leave each other alone, look at me! and smile! Hello!?? Up here!! I need you guys to look up here!! It only took twelve pics to get this one. Some cropping, light adjustment on the computer and the cards are already ordered from

Here is the same fire place as above, just from the other side. Still a little bare, but symmetrical and neat. (the way I like things) they don't often stay that way.. but I try!

I also took some pics of my son. The school pictures always seem to come out either awful or hilarious and I wanted something this year that reflected him, not the photo company machines that stack and shuffle the children. I took about thirty and got 4 that I really like. We sang the Macho Man song and I got him to smile and laugh in a couple. Above is my favorite.

OK.. I've been tagged to share with you three things about myself.. the random, the weird and the funny.

the Random.. My father was in the Air Force and I grew up in Europe. Mostly Germany, but I also lived in Italy for a spell. I was able to visit Russia when it was still under Communist Rule. Wow. that opened my eyes.

the Weird.. when I was in college I had a partially shaved head, blue hair (what was left) and a pierced eye brow and I got a tattoo.. (I still have the tattoo)

the Funny.. we are a middle class family, very comfortable and secure. If I have $20 dollars, I take a trip to the local junk shop instead of the clothing store. I only have two pairs of pants (one of which I bought a week ago!) Almost all my socks are worn so thin they have built in air conditioning and most of my clothes are hand me downs from my mother and grandmother. (perhaps I should ask for some clothes for Christmas.. NAAAAHHH!! I want a gift card to Micheal's and some cash for my junk shop addiction!)


Rosie's Whimsy said...

You are a very interesting young woman!

I love the shots of your children. They are beautiful :)

Your dining room is so pretty. Love the fireplace mantle.

Anke said...

Abbie you are soo funny, the last part, fits to me too, my socks are thin as well and well I have 3 pants to were for everyday.....but I rather buy art than clothes!!!! I guess I'm not a typical woman ;)
The fotos of your kids are so wonderful. Enjoy the holiday season with them.

ELLIE said...

OMG...the photos you took of your kids are BEAUTIFUL....they will make awesome christmas cards...the one of your son is awesome....I love your decorations...just so festive...
NOW for your random - weird - got me beat on the first two..but the funny I could so relate to...I cannot remember buying new clothes for me...I wear sandals (florida living) so I wear them out like you wear your socks thin...and I am hoping for art stuffies more then anything else for
Thanks for sharing it all!!!

Amber said...

I have to corral Bubba Lou for pictures this weekend. Wish me luck! Your three look beautiful.

Jessica said...

Your kids are so cute!! I used to wear my hair in pigtails,too, when I was little. Your mantle looks gorgeous. I'm a symmetry-lover, myself.

NAME: CIELO said...

Well, it's so good to see you again my beautiful friend.... lovely home you have; and beautiful lovely kids...

Praise Him!


Nunnie's Attic said...

Thank you so much for dropping by. I love unexpected visitors and meeting new friends. Your table and mantle are stunning! Absolutely stunning and not barren at all. Perfectly symmetrical and I love that. I like to decorate in odd numbers but that's just so there is always a center. Your random, weird and fun facts were great.

Thank you again for visiting and come back again. My door is always open!


Mary said...

Oh Abbie, I would so much rather visit the junk shop than the clothing store. Would love to see a pic of you with the blue hair! A childhood in Europe sounds so exciting -- I spent my entire childhood in NJ, right here in my little red house.

Your kids photos are so sweet, and you did a great job on your son's picture. I never once brought my kids to get portraits at Sears or wherever...always liked the ones I took at home better.

Love your mantle!

Caron said...

The pics of the kids are GREAT! I like how relaxed Z is in the one of him alone.

I've had the same 4 pair of jeans for 2+ years. Luckily I was able to still fit into them post Boy.

I love wearing wool and wool blend socks in the winter and had one favorite pair I'd wear almost every day with my clogs, but the toes were starting to wear thin. I went to LL Bean the other day and spent nearly $20 on two pair of wool socks that will probably last through next winter. I hate having cold feet.