Friday, November 30

Christmas Critters and a frog?

We have more visitors now that the snow is falling and the air is getting colder. The view from the living room couch is of our bird feeder which now is a flutter with chickadees and others grabbing seeds and filling larders. I feel that way when I go to the grocery store. Dash in, grab what I need and flitter back to my warm home. The pup is Bonnie (of Bonnie and Clyde), she loves to perch and watch all the comings and goings at the bird feeder. You can practically see her twitching in the photo. :)

This big guy stopped by last spring to nibble the buds off of the small whips in our backyard. Oh the dogs went nuts when they saw him! I don't think he was too intimidated by two 11 pound dogs yipping at him through the window, though.

And this cute tiny guy was stuck to our glass door last spring. Good gracious, the peepers make so much noise in the springtime! Not a winter friend, but too cute not include! Just think of him as the Christmas Peeper!

♥ Abbie


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I love Spring Peepers...because......they start peeping when the weather has actually turned to SPRING!!!! I love them! Can you tell I am already counting the days til I can play in the dirt again?

ELLIE said... that huge animal a moose? I cannot believe it got close enough for you to take a picture...that just amazes me...maybe because I live in the sunshine alligators getting close does not phase me but that animal is tall.
We have tree frogs that hang on to anything...always our doors and windows...I love the name peepers for them...I will have to remember that
the only birds I have noticed lately that have come along are the would think that is not so unusual but they are is like watching poetry in motion to see them flying gracious and the wing spans are amazing. I love looking at pics with snow....Have not lived in snow for over 20 years...I do not miss it but the beauty of it in pics is amazing!!!
Thanks for sharing it all!!!

Donna said...

What wonderful Christmas Critters you have! And I love Bonnie looking out the window at the birds; reminds me of my dogs.
Peepers is adorable!
Have a great day!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

That is one watchful pooch! I just love that expression, too cute :)


Anke said...

Oh my frogd hanging on doors and windows....definitely don't see that here in Germany!Hope we will get some snow this year around Christmas, didn't had that in a while. Wow, a moose sooo close, that is sure amazing! Take lot's of fotos of your winter visiters ;)

Firefly Hill said...

What wonderful photos Abbie! Love all of your critters.


Mary said...

Awww, I want to come live by you! Seeing a moose would make me happy for days!