Monday, December 3

Christmas gifts for you and yours...

Good morning! Sorry that I disappeared for the weekend.. I spent my time with my kiddos, crafting, and without power. Yep, our electricity went out for almost four hours on Saturday and it was just the thing I needed. OK, it got chilly in here, but the baby slept, and T and I played with buttons on the floor in front of the fireplace. She is only two and half, but she plays very nicely with mamma's buttons. They keep her quite happy for hours. Just like me! I made some delightful button icicles. I have been wanting to make them/buy them since I saw them in a charming little shop on Etsy months ago, but when I went to buy them, alas, I couldn't find them. So, I decided to make my own and am very pleased with the result. I will be posting pics tomorrow along with some other goodies I'll be giving away for my blogger friends!

We are buried in snow this morning.. We have probably 8" so far and it's still coming down. Z is home from school, and by the looks of the news this morning, the entire state is stuck home. It's the perfect day, as my son would say. I fiddled with some gift ideas this morning and I have a very inexpensive one that is filled with love to share with you.

Take a vintage canning jar, (or new for that matter), wrap the neck with antique lace (or new..) and drape it with a vintage (or new..) costume jewelry necklace. Add a tag and voila! Cinnamon Sugar never looked so good! Not only does the lucky recipient get to enjoy the cinnamon sugar (or cookie mix or whatever you put inside), the canning jar, but also a lovely bit of lace and a vintage piece of costume jewelry! The total for the entire project shouldn't exceed $10-$15. So much vintage fun I just can't stand it!


♥ Abbie


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I love your very pretty! I used to pour my own candles and have gotten lazy. You inspired me start again.....perhaps after Christmas, though :-)

Jessrose21 said...

Button icicles? You've caught my attention!! LOL! I've never seen them before. I confess to "playing" with my buttons for hours, too...sometimes I have a hard time not being stingy with them for projects.

ELLIE said...

Love the brown sugar jar...what a great idea to make something look so very special and unique....
I always feared (when living up north) that with heavy snow storms that the electric would give out...4 hours is long but at least you got it back....and keeping the young one busy for that long is great with I just have to see that button icicle....something else to drool over? lol
Thanks for sharing it all

Rhondamum said...

I can't wait to see the button icicle - I LOVE buttons!

Have missed your blog - nice to come home to after the afternoon that I had.

You will think I am crazy, but I wish we would get just one good snow, with all of us stuck at home, and the way the sunlight filters on a snowy day, and plenty of wood in my fireplace.

Have a warm night!

Donna said...

I love the cinnamon sugar gift jar! You have inspired me, and I will be making some! Thanks! Great idea!