Friday, November 2

Giving the Gift of Pretty..

Giving something to others is just so much fun, I can't
even describe how it makes me feel. I have spent the past few days compiling a bounty of treasures for Chit Chat Challenge, a new scrapbook inspiration website. The first contest has come and gone and I must say, those who submitted entries are TALENTED!!

I am giving a sneak peek at the prize for next week's challenge. I decoupaged a vintage cigar box and filled it with lovelies that you can find at Damsel Designs Paperie on Etsy. The contents are: antique sheet music, German die-cut bird collage sheet, antique ledger pages, vintage seam binding, vintage rick rack, glitter letters W,I,S, and H, skeleton keys, paper lace, a Victorian tissue favor basket, vintage and antique buttons, mini black pom pom trim, vintage wallpaper, vintage photographs, and the box.

My two year old daughter kept saying 'Oh! Thank you Momma! For my birthday!' the poor dear, I guess I'll have to make her one too! Perhaps I'll have to do a similar give away for my blog visitors in a few days.

Things are busy and lovely here in crisp New Hampshire. the air has changed and I am eagerly looking forward to the time change. The dark evenings are lovely and cozy; perfect for using the fireplaces and baking delights.

??Question to Ponder..
Do Peanut Butter Cups count as one food group or two? (dairy AND protein, or just protein?)


Mary said...

Hi Abbie, that looks like a wonderful box of goodies, and I'm not even a scrapbooker!

Do you love the autumn in NH? What is the winter like? I always picture it as being very lonely and long! LOL

As far as I'm concerned, peanut butter cups are in the "forbidden" food group, along with everything else sugary and delicious! :)

ELLIE said...

WOW...your vintage cigar box and contents are awesome....what a great swap!!!
peanut butter cups falls under two categories....yummie!!!!
thanks for sharing your creativity!

just lisa said...

Peanut butter cups are my favorite too! I just eat them with a diet coke to cancel out the calories!

Beautiful giveway for the Chit Chat Challenge. I just participated in the challenge in hopes of winning this very generous prize from you!