Monday, November 19

going loon-y.. hmmm...

Feeling a little loon-y with the upcoming holidays? I did manage to get my fridge cleaned yesterday and picked up most of the goodies I need for Thanksgiving dinner. I am expecting 15.
This lovely large Loon is an antique decoy from New York State. I just thought he was marvelous! Not quite life size, (Loons are large birds) he sits on my mantle next to a Loon print.

The weekend was quiet, but nice. T and I went to a birthday party on Saturday. It was a most delightful party, although it took her almost an hour before the shyness went away and she dared to climb down from my arms. We brought presents, and received the most delightful treats in return. (completely unecessary, but much loved!) Amber is so clever with knitting needles! Knitters are amazing to me. How, through weaving and boobling a string on two sticks you can create such beautful creations, I will never know. So, my respects to all of those out there who can knit, you AMAZE me! Am knitted up a bright pink sweater vest for T. Also she made a super soft chenelle washcloth for baby A and had some delightful vintage repro fabric bundles for me. Hugs Am! Thank you!!


Amber said...

So happy you came to the party! Sy thinks T is just adorable, and that she looks like Bubba's sister. Also glad you liked your goodies. Happy Thxgiv. I'm thankful I'm only expecting 8.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I agree, it is amazing how those two needles can create such amazing treasures! Glad you had a nice weekend :)