Wednesday, November 28

Knots and Bows..

Mary, over at the Little Red House had a fabulous post the other day with some dee-lish ideas for wrapping your holiday gifts. Now, I don't know about you, but whenever I try to tie even the simplest of bows it either comes out sideways or upside down. I did resort to tying all my gifts and little bundles for my shop upside down, but I knew there had to be a 'correct' way to tie a simple bow or knot. Well, I found it. (these were pulled from somewhere on the great Internet, I would give credit if I could remember from where) So, click on 'em, print these out and slip them in with your wrapping paper. They are invaluable when fumbling with bobbles, berries and beauties. The last thing you need to try to figure out, when the fake fruit and foliage is flying, is how to get your bow right side up.

♥ Enjoy!

The scribble on the knot sheet is courtesy of my two year old.. she likes to add her two cents whenever Momma's not looking. By the way, the day started with a cup of tea instead of Coke. (there is a penny soaking as I type.. just curious..)

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Mary said...

Good morning, Abbie -- those lessons are a big help. I usually try and try till I get something that approximates a bow...I do find that wired ribbon helps immensely.

Let me know how the penny turns out!

Oh, and I do find that insomnia is one of the symptoms of PMS, or, as my brother-in-law calls it, "Pack My Suitcase!" Not geting nearly enough exercise lately bedcause my exercise bike is on the fritz.
Have a wonderful day!