Wednesday, November 7

New Living and Lovelies!

I got my new Martha Stewart Living in the mail today! It is full of the most fabulous Christmas decorating ideas and crafts. I sometimes wish that my shop didn't take up so much time, because I truly could fill my hours doing so many other lovely things! But, I LOVE preparing new trinkets and I will be having a NEW SHOP UPDATE, tomorrow, THURSDAY. I have come by some pretty little trinkets and vintage costume jewelry as well as some trims, lace and bits and pieces. I will also be adding more ledger pages, antique papers and wallpaper packs. Here is a quick preview. I'd love to be able to give a set time fo the update, but that is determined by my daughters. ♥ Hopefully by tomorrow evening I'll have most of the new items posted.


Mary said...

Abbie, is that last picture a napkin ring or a vintage bracelet? Is it a napkin ring made from a vintage bracelet? Isn't that a terrific idea? Can I stop talking in questions now? :)

Abbie said...

Hi Mary! It is actually a brooch pin that I slipped a handkerchief through.